House Corporation Board

The Omega Chapter House at 2005 University Avenue is fully owned by all members of the Omega Chapter, current and alumna, who are members in good standing.  These women become members of the Alpha Phi Building Association upon payment of their House Bond fees, paid during their first year of membership in the active Omega Chapter.

The Alpha Phi Building Association is run by the House Corporation Board (HCB), which includes current and alumna members of Alpha Phi—typically Omega Chapter members.  The alumna house corporation board members are elected at the Annual Meeting of the Association, held during the month of April of every year at the Omega Chapter House.  The duties of the house board are to ensure the integrity, care & maintenance, repairs, and ongoing competitiveness of the Omega Chapter facility.  If you are interested in serving on the house corporation board, please fill out an application or reach out to us via email.

The house corporation board receives funds to support ongoing maintenance of the Omega Chapter House from house bonds, parlor fees, and room and board rates paid by current members.  Additionally, generous alumnae also donate funds during the annual fundraising campaign, which is held every Spring.  To find out how you can make a contribution to the Omega chapter, visit our Donation page.

Meetings of the house corporation board are held throughout the year at the chapter house on campus, and are open to members of the Corporation.  If you’d like to attend one of the meetings, please email us for the dates. To receive a copy of approved meeting minutes from any meeting, don’t hesitate to send a request.

The members of Alpha Phi and the house corporation board love to have 2005 University Avenue with their families for a visit. Anytime you are in Austin, just ring the bell and we’ll be happy to show you around!  You can also stay up to date on what’s going on at Omega through our Facebook group, Twitter feed, and Instagram gallery. It’s a great place for former members to stay in touch with each other, and learn more about what is happening with the chapter and the house.

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