Meet Your HCB Members

Sam LaRue Gerdes, Class of 2008, PresidentSam pledged Omega in 2006. She has lived in the Austin-area throughout her entire life minus her time at law school in New Orleans. She works for LaRue Tactical as In-House Counsel.

Sam is married to a fellow Longhorn she met on her first day of college. She and her husband spend most of their free time traveling, cooking, taming their adopted dachshund, and renovating her childhood home. Sam is an active member of the Junior League of Austin. She joined the HCB in April 2014 and now serves as the Vice President.
kimberlyKimberly Hart, Class of 2009, Vice PresidentKimberly has always bled burnt orange and was able to live out her dream by attending The University of Texas from 2005-2009. In addition to being a proud Longhorn, she is even more proud to be an Omega (PC 2005). Growing up in a small East Texas town, being a part of such a close knit group of girls really helped her adjust to such a big campus. While an active chapter member, Kimberly served as Historian, a member of the New Member Education Team and her favorite position, New Member Educator.

After graduating from UT with a BS in Retail Merchandising, she studied Footwear Design at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Realizing that you truly can take the girl out of the country, but not the country out of the girl, she moved back to Austin to be closer to her family and friends!

Currently, Kimberly is a Placement Manager at a Household Staffing Agency where she helps families find the perfect nanny or housekeeper. Staying true to her love of fashion, she launched an online retail boutique in March 2014 called Sweethart Lane. Kimberly plans to open a physical location for Sweethart Lane, but for right now you can shop all things sweet through Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to HCB, which she joined in April 2015, Kimberly serves as the New Member Educator Advisor for Omega. She enjoys helping the current members plan their New Member program year after year!
Bilinda-2Bilinda Cox Matusek, Class of 1982, SecretaryBilinda is a native Texan. She grew up in Dallas and, after living in Austin, Midland, and Venezuela, has lived in Houston for the last 20 years. Bilinda pledged Alpha Phi in January ’80 at the encouragement of her roommate. She claims it was one of the best decisions of her life, and wears her Alpha Phi colors proudly (seriously – on her right ankle). She counts several Omegas as some of her very best friends.

Bilinda works part-time for Klein ISD. She also has oil and ranching interests and serves as the sole trustee for a charitable trust. She loves to travel. She is married to a fellow Longhorn. Her son is an SMU grad and is currently a 2L at St. Mary’s Law.

Bilinda has a passion for volunteer work and has worked for many non-profits in a variety of capacities, both “in the trenches” and as a board member. The Junior League, Klein Education Foundation, and The Beacon are just a few of the organizations that have benefitted from her hard work and non-profit experience. She is excited about “coming home” to Austin and Alpha Phi.
Lisa Fieldcamp Green, Class of 1984Although Lisa went through rush mostly to please her mother and considered dropping out, she is very thankful that she pledged Omega in 1980 as most of her closest friends are Alpha Phis. In fact, she and Alice were in the same pledge class. During college, Lisa was Chapter Promotions Officer (PR) and Scholarship Chairman. While living in Dallas, she was active in the Dallas Alumni group.

Lisa and her husband, Mike, moved to Austin in 1995. Alice talked her into joining the HCB not long after although her first time on the board only lasted a year. Lisa joined the board again in 2010 and just finished a three year stint as Treasurer in June 2014.

Besides her involvement with Alpha Phi, Lisa is busy with work and her two teenagers. Nicholas is a junior and Emma is a freshman; both are in high school but not at the same school. Actually they haven’t been at the same school since elementary school. Why do things the easy way? Additionally, Lisa and Emma are active members of one of the Austin chapters of National Charity League.
Maria DeCesare Haskell, Class of 1990Maria grew up as an Air Force Brat; she went to seven different schools from Kindergarten until the 6 grade. Maria has lived in Austin since 1980, except for seven years when she lived in Seattle and Dallas.

One of her proudest moments as an Omega is when her sister, Rita, pledged in 1990.

Maria lives outside of Austin, in Briarcliff, and Willie Nelson is her neighbor. She has a 17 year old bonus son, Jaeden, who is a senior at Lake Travis high school, and a wonderful husband, William, who is the founder and president of a consulting company. Maria loves watching all sports, especially football, enjoys listening to 80s music, and speaks Italian fluently. She works as bodily injury claims adjuster at State Farm.

She joined the HCB in April 2013.
Britney Sauer, Class of 2010Britney’s first love for Alpha Phi came when her older sister, Hollyn Sauer Keith, was in the Omega chapter 2002-2006. She and her mom, Kim Riley Sauer, 2003 Alpha Phi alumnae initiate, would spend late nights at 2005 University Ave. building balloon arches and hanging drape for formal recruitment while Hollyn and the girls tirelessly rehearsed Sorority Night Live for skit night.

As a Texas native and third generation longhorn, Britney never wanted to be anything other than a University of Texas alumna. She rushed Alpha Phi in the spring of 2008 and cherished three fun-filled years in the sorority before graduating from UT a semester early. Her most unforgettable college memories took place at 2005 University Avenue.

With a passion for student and academic affairs, Britney serves on the board as fundraising chair while pursuing her master’s degree in higher education administration and working as a program coordinator for The University of Texas.
Margaret Frain Wallace, Class of 1995Margaret is the mom of 3 active children and works full-time for the Texas Legislature. She always wanted to be an Alpha Phi to follow in the footsteps of her sister Mary, a member of the Omega Chapter. After years of volunteering for both the Austin and Houston Junior League coupled with various committees at her children's school, Margaret thought it would be good to give back to the Omega Chapter for all the wonderful memories she made there while attending the University of Texas.

While she enjoys her work with the Legislature and Texas Politics, Margaret truly loves raising her children and giving back to the community. Although there is no time for running marathons anymore, Margaret loves to read, swim, the occasional run and spending time with her family and friends.
Jennifer Shaw Swailes, Class of 1990Jennifer pledged in the Fall of 1986 (along with Stacey and Maria) and lived on the 3rd floor of 2005 for 3 years. She grew up Air Force, but got to Texas as quickly as possible and never left. She now finds herself living 4 miles from her family’s first duty-station in Houston, but spent almost 20 years in Austin where the base is now the airport!

She married an Aggie. She and Kevin survive life with 3 teenagers in the house. Jordan is finishing her associates and transferring to the University of Houston; Kendall is a sophomore in high school. Tate goes to the Texas A&M Galveston. Football season gets a little rough in the house. Two cats and a Vizsla round out the household. At least the dog is burnt orange! Vizsla Rescue is her favorite volunteer gig! The occasional house-flip and cooking round out the schedule.

A master’s degree from the University of Houston led to professorships at LeTourneau University and a number of community colleges. In 2006 she began working in the background division at Swailes and Company, a security and investigative corporation. In 2012 Jennifer transitioned to VP of employment screening. She holds a PI license with the State of Texas.
** Coming Soon **Star Hanson Cook, Class of 1982Star was raised an only child, always praying , wishing and hoping for a sister . When she pledged Alpha Phi in 1978 she finally got her wish! She immediately embraced the sisterhood and remembers her years at THE University ofTexas and at 2005 University Ave as someofthevery best years other life.

Currently , she lives in Dallas with her husband , one of her three daughters, and three dogs. The youngest of the cook daughters, catherine, is headed to TCU this fall so the timing is perfect for star to focus her energy on the alpha phi house board. Stars oldest daughter , Carolyn, lives in Colorado and is engaged! Allison, the middle daughter, attended the university ofTexas and is currently inlawschool at SMU.

While raising her family, Star volunteered at the girls schools and was active in National Charity League. Her passion , however has always been reading and her love of books, not necessarily text books , however. As part of her school volunteering she was able to serve as the library coordinator and then librarian for the sister school to her daughters grade school. She remains the part time librarian and the students make her laugh everyday. As she enters the empty nest phase of her life she is thankful to be part of the HCB and looks forward to her tenure and working with her sisters once again!
kelseyKelsey Scott, Class of 2013Growing up in the suburbs outside of Austin, it was a requirement to bleed burnt orange. So attending The University of Texas, and going through rush had always been a part of Kelsey’s five-point plan. However, she never could have imagined how amazing Alpha Phi would make her college experience; it truly was her second home. Between sisterhood bonding; longstanding traditions; going to fraternity tailgates and round up events with your sisters; and the once in a lifetime experiences of living in 2005 University Avenue; what’s not to love about Alpha Phi!

During Kelsey’s four years at Alpha Phi, she was lucky enough to be selected as the House Manager where she was first introduced to the House Corporation Board. She was one of two active members that sat on the board to help make decisions. While acting as house manager, Kelsey also became the first Alpha Phi Social Media Intern to help run the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

By being so involved with House Board as an active, it only seemed natural for her to join as an alumna. Especially with her skillset in Advertising and communications, she feels she can bring a lot to the organization she holds so close to her heart.
Stacey Thulin Daniel, Class of 1990, Chapter AdvisorStacey pledged the Omega chapter in 1986 and has been obsessed with Alpha Phi ever since. Immediately after graduating from UT, she was the COB advisor. After moving to Lubbock and returning to Austin years later she took on the role of Omega Chapter Advisor. She is currently serving on the Omega Advisory Board as the Risk Management Advisor. Stacey is also involved with Alpha Phi at an international level. She currently serves as the International Governor at the Beta Mu Chapter at the University of Alabama. She is also serving on the CCSC (Collegiate Chapter Strategy Committee). Stacey has also served as the International Governor at the Phi Chapter at the University of Oklahoma and was instrumental in writing the current New Member program, as well as, the New Member website. Stacey spent several years on the South Central Regional team. She served in the role as the OPC and Regional Manager.

Stacey is married to her college boyfriend, Jym, and they have 3 children. Grayson is a senior at Texas Tech and a member of ATO fraternity. Madison is a freshman at Texas Tech and has recently pledged the Gamma Iota chapter of Alpha Phi. Their youngest daughter, Allyson, is in 8th grade.

Stacey teaches elementary school and in her spare time she enjoys volunteering for anything from her church, to her kids schools. Stacey joined the HCB 12 years ago as the Chapter Advisor and is still in that same HCB advisory board position, as needed.
Evan Guthrie Jones, Class of 2009, Chapter AdvisorEvan joined the Omega chapter in 2005. After being tricked into running for an executive council position her freshman year, she was hooked. She served as the Chapter President from 2008-2009 and loved Alpha Phi so much she went on to work for them as an Educational Leadership Consultant after graduation.

Evan rejoined the volunteer ranks in 2010 and inherited the role of Omega's Chapter Advisor from Stacey Daniel in 2011. She has also remained involved in other Alpha Phi roles, serving as a Collegiate Membership Coordinator for the South Central region and most recently as International Governor for the University of Kentucky.

Evan lives in Austin with her Longhorn husband and two fur babies. She works for BridgingApps, a non-profit program of Easter Seals Greater Houston that bridges the gap between technology and people with disabilities.
Shyrl-ann Hunt,
House Director
Shyrl was born on the Naval Air Station in Lakehurst, New Jersey - site of the infamous Hindenburg disaster (not her fault, and long before her time). She is the second of six children born to the World’s Best Parents, Norman and Adele McCain. Shyrl grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and enjoyed idyllic summers on what remains one of her favorite places: the lake at Camp Blanding.

She has three children: Joshua (Charlottesville, Virginia) and Adam (Austin) are the oldest, and most adept at pushing her buttons. Tabitha (Virginia Beach, Virginia) and her husband, Chris, are the parents of a perfect granddaughter, Maelin. Shyrl's wonderful nieces and nephews (10 of them) have made her a Great Aunt nine times (and counting). Shyrl adores her geographically extended, but emotionally close, family, and spends her vacations visiting them in Florida and Virginia.

Before finding her dream job, as House Mother to the most beautiful, talented young women EVER, Shyrl was House Manager of a large, private estate in Virginia.

She loves to read -fiction, mostly- and is never far from her Kindle. Shyrl enjoys watching 'Walking Dead.' In the daytime. Preferably with company, but has recently been able to watch it by herself.

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