Current Renovations

Summer 2019 Project:

This summer, we will be converting the chapter room into a study room! There will be desks along the walls, as well as a couch and some chairs to lounge on. We can’t wait to have this space for our girls to study!

Renovations since 2009

  • In 2009, major structural and life/safety issues were addressed with the addition of sprinkler systems throughout the House along with security cameras and lighting, the creation of a true commercial kitchen for meals and replacement of much of the plumbing downstairs. A very popular snack kitchen was added to better meet the schedules of 48 women.
  • The focus for 2010 was updating furniture in the common areas, replacing carpet and the creation of a beautiful new courtyard in the front of the House.
  • The Chapter was thrilled in 2011 with the total renovation and redesign of the almost 60 year old communal bathrooms. Thanks to all new plumbing upstairs, no more “water on, water off” warnings were needed for those in the showers.
  • Less noticeable but just as important, the focus in 2012 was on the exterior of the House. New siding, gutters, roofing and paint were completed.  In addition, the wi-fi network was upgraded.
  • New bedroom furniture was on the Chapter’s wish list for 2013, so all new matching beds and dressers were purchased for the 48 women living in the House. Our House Director (aka House Mother) was also thrilled with the renovation of her 50+ year old bathroom.
  • Summer of 2014 brought big visual changes to the House with the new double front door, the creation of a 2-story fireplace surround in the Big Room and the new Legacy Library (former phone/guard room). In addition to new lighting, a new paint palette of soft grey and black with pops of lime green, purple, and burnt orange was selected to create a soothing, updated look. With the help of Rowland Design of Indianapolis, the updating of the common area décor and paint palette began in the Living Room and Entryway will continue to be implemented in the House over the couple of years.
  • In 2015, the House Board focused on ensuring the House remained competitive for Recruitment by completing all of the downstairs decor; purchasing new furniture and light fixtures.
  • The goal for the House Board in 2016 was to provide some much-needed improvements upstairs.  The Chapter Room was totally gutted, windows replaced and closets eliminated or moved to provide a larger, private meeting space for the 200+ women in the Omega.  In addition, the President’s bathroom on the second floor and a closet on the third floor were given up to house new laundry facilities.  No more going to the basement to do laundry!
  • For the summer of 2017, the House Board replaced all of the exterior windows and exterior doors upstairs with energy efficient windows.  The original screen, that gave the House its historical look, were retained after re-screening, repair, and repainting.  The exterior front balcony railings were raised higher to be in accordance with city code requirements..

2014 Before Pictures

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2014 After Pictures

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Biometric Entry System

Security and safety of our members is of highest priority. We have a guard at the house every night. This is standard at UT sorority houses.  In 2014, we added a biometric entry system. Rather than a code to enter the house, each member uses their fingerprint for access.

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