Say Hello to Bilinda Cox Matusek

bilinda cox throwback group photo

Current Exciting News:
My son graduated law school last month! Where has the time gone!
bilinda matusek family photo

Favorite Book:
To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite Movie:
Gone with the Wind
scarlett o'hare resting bitch face meme

Biggest Fear:
Public Speaking (not classroom, but really large groups)

If I could go anywhere, where would I travel?:
I travel quite a bit, but my 2 bucket list items are diving the Great Barrier Reef
and seeing the great migration in Africa

Favorite Food:
Mac and Cheese

Favorite Candy:
Not really candy, but pretty much anything chocolate

Pancakes or Waffles:
Waffles, hands down! Preferably Belgian with hot maple syrup!

Dogs or Cats:
cats vs dogs battle

M&Ms or Skittles:
M&Ms (back to chocolate!)
precious m&ms

Favorite Memory of 2005:
When I finally got initiated!  I was a COB, and back then you had to make grades
before initiation, and the ceremony was always the following semester.  My grades
dipped that Spring (probably due to Alpha Phi!), so it was almost a full year between
the time I pledged to when I was initiated.  I was unofficially a member of 2 pledge classes!
And then, there’s the tattoo story….

Bilinda - Before and After

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