You own a piece of 2005 University Avenue.

Each alumna of the Alpha Phi Omega Chapter that paid a house bond owns a little piece of the picturesque building at 2005 University Avenue that we all call home. As our chapter continues to grow, it is important that we maintain the history and beauty that sits just south of the University of Texas tower.

Over the last few years, the House Corporation Board has been able to make extensive renovations to all areas in the house, including new bedroom furniture in all girls’ rooms, updates of all bathrooms on the property, a grand entryway including new double doors, updates on the formal and casual living areas, a 2-story fireplace, a new Legacy Library on the front of the house, and much more. We encourage all sisters to stop by the house at your convenience and visit! You are always welcome, so just ring the doorbell and let the girls know that you would love to take a look around.

We are eternally grateful for all past gifts that have allowed us the opportunity to continue updating the house. While our home may look more beautiful than ever, our plans are not yet finished. This winter and next summer the House Corporation Board will continue working with our designer to complete phase 2 of the renovation. Just wait, it’s going to be even more gorgeous!

We hope that you will join us in finding a comfortable level of giving to continue the growth and support of our beautiful home. Click here for how to donate.

If you have any specific questions about projects or needs, feel free to reach the board at


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