The House Board has hosted several reunion groups over the years. Some groups have stayed at the House for a weekend during a summer, others have stayed elsewhere but come to the House for meal(s), to see the House and visit with the Chapter members.

If you would like to organize a reunion of your Alpha Phi sisters, we would love to talk with you more.   Please contact the House Board by email  for details and possible dates.

Here are some pictures of the great times had by previous reunion groups.


The pledge class of 1968 came back for a visit and a weekend stay in Summer of 2012.

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Members of the ’75, ’76 and ’77 Pledge Classes gathered in September 2012 for brunch at the House during their reunion weekend.

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Those ’75, ’76 and ’77 pledge classes loved it so much that they came back in the Summer of 2013 for another reunion—and stayed at the House.

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Early 1980’s

Early 1980’s alumnae gathered to celebrate the life of Dorothy Nagle Flato, 1983 in May 2014.

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